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Pickguard Material - Black/green/black?

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I've been searching high and low for laminated black/green/black (green, not mint!) to make a custom pickguard. There are a few auctions on eBay for JEM pickguard and headplate sets in the right material, but I can't seem to find the source or a suitable replacement. The only other choice I have I guess is to make my own using 1mm plastic sheets and laminating it myself with acetone.

Before I consider this option, has anyone got any leads?

Many thanks in advance :-D It's going to a good cause (my T-Bird).

EDIT: Agh, just noticed that the ideal material i'd prefer to laminate into the pickguard is solvent-resistant....

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You can try these guts as they may be able to get it for you:


You can also get B/W/B and color the white after you cut and bevel it. I'm sure there's a technique to it that would make it look original vs. just colored. There are paint markers, etc. that may do the job...just a suggestion.

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I think i'd prefer to go down the lines of laminating, because getting a small batch of green clearcoat together would probably equal it in cost terms. If it turns out I won't be able to laminate the photoluminescent plastic, I probably won't have a choice however. Thanks Russ/Tom!

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