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Spray Gun And Compressor Compatibility

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My friend and I are building a bass and guitar respectively, and now its time for both of us to stain and laquer. We bought the Stew Mac Production Spray Gun, now we need a compressor because we originally thought we could borrow one, but that fell through. Stew Mac does not list what capacity compressor it requires (i.e. hp, tank size, etc). From what I gather the only thing I need to worry about is CFM and tank capacity? What specs in a compressor should I be looking for to work with the spray gun?

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It says on stewmacs website that it needs 1.5 CFM @ 90 psi. When looking at compressors you will see a rating saying how many CFM at 90 psi it has. You need one with at least 1.5.

For instance something cheap like this (search for husky 6 gal compressor) runs 2.5 cfm at 90 psi.

Remember to get an inline moisture trap between the compressor and the gun.

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your might need more than a 6 gallon tank. with a syphon feed gun like that you will likely need to spray at around 35-40psi at the gun. i had (recently stolen) a 3cfm @ 90psi compressor with a 13 gallon tank that was barely able to hold enough air in the tank so that the compressor wasnt running constant while spraying at 15psi at the gun (automotive gravity feed HVLP), compressor kicked in every min or 2

just a thought

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