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Hey all, I just got a body from Warmoth which has a flamed maple top on a basswood body. I was looking at teh reranch site, but their store is down - I need to put together a list of what I'll need to finish it & was wondering if I coul get soe help from the folks here.

What I want to do is the following:

1. Top - Transparent dye - I was thinking a black or dark brown first and then sanding to being out the flame followed by a tobacco brown or amber.

2. Basswood body - I think I'm just going to make it black, like an ernie ball

3. Faux binding - I'll tape the maple on the corners to give it a binding look

So, what I need to figure out is what & how much do I need to buy? I've read that I shouldn't have to get filler for the body since neither maple nor basswood needs it, but how much of the other stuff (dye, clear, finishing compound, etc) should I get?

Also, any recommendations on products which can be purchased from sites other than re-ranch would be helpful - again, since it look sliek their store is down...

Thanks, Dave

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