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routing for direct mounts

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In my custom, I'm gonna direct mount pickups (EMGs for now, DiMarzio later--..or..long story version :D ).

Anyway. How deep is the routes supposed to be?

Are they supposed to have the deeper recess for the ears?

I've been reading some past threads and looking at pictures.

and it SEEMS the route is flat, deep enough for the ears to lay flat onto bottom surface



But how deep is deep enough? or should I route out a litte at a time and test fit?

The EMGs are from top to bottom of ear; 24mm

Do you put foam under the hum part?

Warmoth says:

Because of the many variables such as fret height, bridge type, brand or make of pickup, it is difficult to say exactly what depth of rout might be best for a particular application. Our rout for this application is without the end plunge cuts and is to a single depth of 3/4". Washers or other shims will be necessary to achieve optimum pickup height.

What are "end plunge cuts"? I'm assuming the deeper recess parts for the ears?

Long story: I might get a Jackson KingV i found at a pawnshop for $125. And I could use those Duncan Designs instead of my EMGs (and put my EMGs into the KV).

So which would be easier to fit into my custom guitar? In the long run, I'd like to put DiMarzios. I gather the DD would be a better fit for DiMarzios later on?

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depends what dimarzio pickup you get, they varry a bit, but for the most part are 22mm (i think) don't have a ruler on me right now...

i would recomend either doing alot of finite math, or just routing in steps, but you're going to have to stringe the guitar like 5 times to get it just right that way.

i rout for direct pickups the other way... rout for the bottom of the pickup and and then rout 2 holes on the side for the "ears" that are a little to deep so that there's a space under there... (1/32")

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