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Scale Lenght For Baratone Guitar

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Hi I'm a new guy with a question...I'm planning to build a six string barratone guitar and I have found a plan from 1968...The neck shows only 18 frets and I would like to build a guitar with at least 21 frets...Can anyone help me with a neck plan for this guitar? I need the scale lenght and measurements for fret placement. Thank you!


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Ditto on the fret calculator, and it's spelled 'Baritone', might help you with your googling.

I've seen any number of scale lengths used, and I don't think I'd call any of them 'standard'; 27" is the shortest, but I've seen baris with 27.5", 28", 29", even almost 30" scale lengths. I made my first (electroacoustic) with about a 28" scale (can't remember exactly), works well. There's also no real standard in terms of string guages (some use regular strings, some use heavier strings, down to an .070 or .080 bass string) or even tunings (B is common, so is A, some do C and still call it a Baritone).

Hit Danelectro's site and Joe Veilette's site for specs and inspiration re: scale lengths and the like

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