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Need Help On Relic Maple Fretboard

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The top example shown is without a finish on the fingerboard, maple requires a finish or else it will look assy, as shown in the picture. The picture below has the finish worn off from string bends and the like. I'm not positive how you would go about relicing it to look just like that, but do make sure to put a finish on the maple.

Maybe wrap some 100-200 grit sandpaper onto a pencil or wooden dowel?

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Is the above photo the one you want to relic? If so, you'll have to start from square one. Yank all the frets, sand it back down to clear wood, refinish with a clear poly or lacquer and then do the relic thang. Here is what you want to achieve:


The guitar belongs to a friend of mine, he is a landscaper and works all day at handling large rocks as well as using digging and brush cutting tools. As a result he has HUGE muscular hands and a VERY strong grip. The wear marks are from him playing the guitar for only about 3 years.

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thanks for the info guys! it clears most of the stuff right now ahah.

my fretboard is actually finished, it look like it is poly coated. i think i have a rough idea on what i will be doing.

what i am planning to do is actually first using some brass wood to make my fretboard not so glossy and then marking out the "relic" areas and probably sand away the marked part and stain it?(no idea which to stain still planning kiwi polish? stain and sand again to obtain greyish effect).

actually im not into relic, but BUT, my guitar body is look real weird right now, i accidentally bumped on of the corners, and the finish look crushed, exposing some bare wood while the rest of the body is so dam shiny wth

also i have deep tremolo bar markings, is poly finish that weak? it doesnt wear off so fast like nitro, satin, but it get dings, thick , dents so dam easily! all i need is too turn my tremolo bar a round and there is a slight dent in! omg

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