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I just found out my car needs new brakes/rotors....


that means...no guitar building for me for a while:(

I wanna say thanks to everyone that helped me out. But, I have to be a responsible young adult (22). ANd help pay for the brakes.

I guess I'll just go back to my original plan and modify my jackson to be a flamed maple venneer...instead of building all new one.

Thanks to Alex for the CAD drawings.

KrazyDerek for helping me w/ the neck.

LC Guitars for offering the bushings for a floyd and tuners.


I"ma hang around here if ya'll don't mind.+

{Can someone move this to an appropriate forum? Was just brought to my attention B)}

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Aww man sorry to hear that. I hate forking out for things that break! (unless it a guitar, gotta keep the guitars going!)

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If you are having a shop do your work, you might try bringing in your own parts. Most shops mark up parts by at least 40% or they charge list price. Most shops will install customer supplied parts, but they won't add their labor warranty. Which if you are installing new rotors and pads, is no big deal.

That just seems like way too much money. The last set of rotors/pads I sold at work for a similar car to yours was app. $30 for the pads and $40 per rotor. This was for the best stuff. One step down would have knocked off a good 30 bucks off the total.


The shop gets rotors and pads for the front and rear (and more than likely it will be midgrade unless you ask otherwise).

$60 for pads, front and rear (their cost)

$160 for rotors, front and rear (their cost)

That means they are charging over 550 bucks to pad and rotor slap your car, which would probably take all of a few hours.

Unless you are having other stuff done, I would get a few more quotes.

Sorry this is off topic. Please move if needed.

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its too late now.

but yeah it was all new rotors and pads, oil change and wipers.

+1 year/15000 mile warranty.

w/ $75/hr labor (i took it in around 8...by 11 or so it was done).

and the last time i took my own parts in was in a 91 firebird,

it needed a new alternator.. i did what you said, because it was cheaper.

But like 4months later..that alternator blew a bearing. and of course it wasn't covered.

I couldn't return it to the store unless I just got another alternator ..which i wasn't gonna do since the 1st one crapped out. And just had my shop install there brand new one w/ warranties. No problem. So yeah that was the last time i did that.

OK. Just got back from getting my car heres the break down, lemme know if i got ripped off or what?

Oil change and all the stuff with it (I know i coulda gotten it cheaper at a 10minute place, but the car was there..and it was due) - 19.50+8.45+2(disposal)

wiper blades - $8.50 + 4.49 (yeah.next time..i'll do it my damnself)

Front wheel brake pads - 107+56.50

rear wheel brake pads (ceramic) - 134.57+56.50

(labor for below is included w/ the brake service above)

left front rotor - 79.28

right front rotor - 79.28

left rear rotor - 81.02

right rear - 81.02

additional materials - $15

590.17 + 127.94 + 15 = 133.11+50.09(tax, i think just parts were tax'd?)=783.20

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ya dude, i agree with sean. the only thing I bring my car or truck in for is to have the tires I bought there to have them rotated for free. and I never would have them install wiper blades, and whats wrong with changing your own oil? or don't you have the right stuff to do that? otherwise I'll stop making you feel bad.

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The prices you paid for the pads is BS. Did you get it done at the dealership or an independet shop? Even if I bought top shelf pads, the MOST I would pay is about $50 a set.

I really feel you got screwed. :D

I got it done at Goodyear Gemini.

Its not a dealership, but its not independant either.

I woulda changed the wipers if i had know it was gonna be that much.

But...i'd prolly not get around to it for a while.

The oil thing, nope don't have the stuff. And...i'd prolly not get around to doing it either.

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anyone see the commercial for the all hydrogen cars?? where they by chrystler??? kinda cool..... and electric cars have generators for brakes can't wait to get rid of gasoline cars

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hey man

man that really sucks about your car costing so much, although i do love trans ams. but that is about the only car i love. they are quite hard to come by in australia.

i am not getting a car for a while specifically for that reason, so i don't have to pay car bills at all. my number 1 priority is music and guitars. car's are just like, priotiry number 10. my parents always ask me to get my license but i couldn't really care.

another thing that is really ****, is how in australia, every mother ****er has a car and mobile [cell] phone and that's all their lives revolve around, is driving their ****ing cars around all day long while listening to the shittest pop music out all day long while socializing with their friends, all day long. what is funny though is that most of the people that do all this bull **** car, phone, pop = their life haven't even finished high school. now that truly tells us that they are ****ing losers.

if you haven't gathered from this point, i ****ing hate today's culture. thanx to that ****ing **** movie FAST IN THE FURIOUS, now every mother ****er talks/does up their shitty used japanese cars that cost them a 6th of what they payed suping the mother ****er up. stupid ****s.

and that's another reason why i hate cars, phones and pop music: because i don't want to catch the virus which is the culture of today. i will never become a victim of this, disease. I HAVE TO BREAK FREE. I NEED TO LIVE. \m/ METAL and GUITARS for life.


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electric cars have generators for brakes can't wait to get rid of gasoline cars

thats called re-generative braking. I had a electric car I made out of plywood and crap (just something to run the back roads on) and I made a cheep little re-gen brake unit for it. Man, that car was soo fun to beat up on. Most of the componets were crap from around the the garage. Too bad I ran it into a tree, well it went back to the earth from where it came from :DB)

and page master, I agree with most of the things you said (I'm a country guy and love my truck:D ) but that sounds like it should be in the rant section. I have some guys in my old high school who had rice-runners and crap and though that putting a racing wing on a front wheel drive car really helped. Heck, one of them said (not kidding here) that he hated changing oil and we asked what was soo hard about in and turns out he re-filled the oil with the dipstick reciptical. :D:D

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stick to your guns page...it has taken me years to stop wanting the fastest truck in town.i finally came to the realization that cars don't matter.only thing that matters is a life of guitars.but you might want to get some economy rust bucket so you don't end up being one of those guys that bums rides everywhere.pretty soon noone wants to hang out cause all you ever want is a ride

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