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Sapwood As Opposed To Heartwood?

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Actually... it depends on the wood. Sapwood in most woods, like ebony, blackwood, etc. are the parts prone to cracking, instability, etc. etc. However, with some woods, the parts you want actually ARE the sapwood. Ever seen a quilted maple billet being cut... or one with bark inclusion... that's cause the maple that we use is actually the sapwood, hence the live edge, inclusions, etc. Go search for maple pics, sometimes you'll see areas that become a darker, muddyish brown coming into the nice white, that's the heartwood. Same goes for swamp ash, we use the sapwood, not the heart (but I mean, by all means you CAN use swamp ash heartwood in your bodies if you wanted too..).

Whether the parts we use is sapwood or heartwood changes from tree to tree, you just gotta do a little research to find out.

Disclaimer: 90% sure on this. Hopefully someone that's 100% will hop in a speak up too.


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Just remember, if you use lumber that contains both heartwood and sapwood, the two different types will most likely machine differently. Keeping this in mind may save you from an accident. I nearly ruined a sapwood/heartwood fretboard once, had I not noticed that the sapwood side sanded much quicker(doh!).

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