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Gibson Bass Pickups?

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I'm planning a bass using a set of pickups for the Gibson EB-3 (the two-pickup "SG bass") - the set with the smaller chrome bridge pickup and the huge chrome neck one. Like this

Does anyone know the string spacing on these pickups? I certainly won't start cutting tapers until I have my plans complete (which I won't until I have all parts in hand) but I'm trying to confirm that these will work well with the bridge I happen to have on hand, with the nut width and pickup placement I want. I can probably figure this out from the measurements I do have, combined with photos, but if someone happens to have these numbers or off hand, or be able to measure them off the pickups, it'd save me a little bit of hassle.

I remember the only time I played one of these, the string spacing being a little funky at the bridge, and I want to make sure things aren't going to be wildly off; I'd rather order a new bridge now while I'm still picking up other parts. (combine shipping) rather than find out later I need one.

Thanks folks!

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