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Renaissance And Baroque Guitars

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first a joke

Q: "Whats the definition of baroque?"

A: "Lack of 'Monet'." :D (yeah, I'm sorry too)

I just found this in my internet travels.


Some of the craftsmanship involved in building these guitars has left me speechless. The pictures are mostly modern copies but the originals were built hundreds of years ago without the aid of CNC etc. Check out the tiered ivory rosettes.

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I've been reading alot about these things (mostly lutes) and someday I'll hopefully be able to make them. They just scream 'handmade'! I actually made one of those parchment roses a few weeks ago, from paper though, but it came out really cool.

Here's a link if you're interested: http://crab.rutgers.edu/~pbutler/parchment.html

I'll be soon getting the "Historical Lute Construction" by the late Robert Lundberg.

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