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Totally New To Guitar Customizing And Design And... Evrything Except P

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.. im new and dont know anything about most on this site.....

can someone explain me the basics.... or everything from crafting a guitars body or neck

to giving it a finishing in the body or between the frets...?? :D

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Yeah, i've been lurking around for a few months and i'll give you the easy answer. The process in a nutshell: Buy Melvyn Hiscock's book and read it cover to cover. Read all the tutorials on this site. There's a few links if you search that people have done where they detail their guitar builds beginning to end, with instructions. Follow the forums for a while and read all the threads to see the kind of problems people are running into. Once you feel confident, work your way through the entire design of the guitar mentally and on paper/computer. Then ask any intelligent questions you can't find answers to. Start your build, and if you run into trouble, come back here for more help.

Good luck. :D

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wow.... thanks, i just didnt expected any answer. so ill try to do very specific qestions the next time. and see if i can get Hiscock's book. anyway thanks

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