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Bridge Hight

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I'm going to buy this bridge on a neck through RR, and I'm trying to find the neck angle... I've drawn the whole thing in 1:1 using a bridge hight I'm not sure is correct. Anyway my calculations seem to be incorrect so I was hoping one of you genious' would help me figure this thing out.

So what I need is that bridge's hight and if you know a easy way to find it, the neck angle. (I'm not really sure on how high I should draw the string action... This is my first build.

According to my calculations the neck angle should be either 4.68° or 1.72° (yeah I know... 1.72 doesn't make sense right?)

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I calculate that if the bridge is in its lowest position, the saddles will be approximately 14.5mm (9/16") off the top of the guitar.

If you draw it out at 5/8" you will be fine. You will need to work out approximately where the saddle position will be and work out your neck angle off that. Draw your intersection line taking the thickness of the fingerboard (1/4") into account as well. I calculate my neck angle without worrying about the action height, just a line along the top of the fingerboard touching the saddle top when it is at its lowest position. Once you have finished the guitar and raised the action to stop fret buzz everything works out fine.

By the way that is the same bridge I used on my semi-hollow guitar. The only drawback is the intonation adjustment is on the pickup side of the bridge instead of the back. That means you have to lower your bridge pickup down to have access to intonate. Not a major problem though.

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