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Oil Swirl Question +clear Coat

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Ok I have a few questions about swirling, Ive searched quite a bit on here and on Jemsite, but I still can't find my answers:

1. Once I've dipped it, I let it dry, but do I need to do anything to it to stop the paint from sagging or flowing? Or will the oil paints have dried a little bit once I've taken the body out of the tub?

2. Do I sand the oil paint swirl before clear coating? Or do I only sand/buff the clear coat.

3. Do I have to sand down my guitar completely and then primer it? Or can I just sand down the clearcoat to the black paint underneath and swirl on top of that? I'm planning a swirl that contains black anyway? Will the black underneath show through the swirl I put over the top?

4. How do I stop the paint+water from getting inside trem bushings? Do I remove the bushings? Or can I just tape over+plug the holes+bushings? I'm not too bothered about the paintjob around the posts anyway.



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