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Rr24 Template?

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Hi all I am not very active is a replier on this forum but I look at it often used the searched button but nothing is what am looking for. Here is what I need : A Flying V RR24 template on the internet with the mesurements would be a + and free. I tried to make one my self out of paper and all but I am positive their is something wrong with it since I didn't use mesurments. Yes I looked at guitarbuild.com and guitarbuildingtemplatles.com guitar build doesnt seem accurate and its like really really small... and the other cost money so anyone here know's where i can get one for free? RR24 Jackson :D Ty

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Dunno where to get it, but the 24 is exactly the same as the 22. The neck joins the body at the same location- the bridge is naturally in the same position as well..... so the 23,24 frets are actually a little difficult to reach on the real Jackson, since they didnt push the body back a little for upper fret access.

Hope that makes your search a little easier.

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