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12 String Abm Bridge

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I'm looking for information about the 12 string ABM bridge, and specifically how it compares dimensionally to the Gotoh 12 string bridge. I'm interested in building a 12 string guitar (from Warmoth parts), and I'd like to have wide string spacing at the bridge (to help with my clumsy fingerpicking). The ads say the ABM string spacing is 2 3/16", and the Gotoh is 2 1/16". Does any one know if this is accurate?. Using a Warmoth 12 string neck (1 3/4" spacing at the nut) will the strings fall off the edge of the fretboard with the ABM bridge? Any help is appreciate.



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The dimensions should be accurate, if anything, ask a supplier to check it for you first. To find out if your strings will fit your neck taper, draw out your guitar, with the neck and dimension-sensitive hardware. If you're good with trig, you could just figure it out that way. Based on your scale length, nut width, width of the neck at the last fret(or any fret on the neck for that matter), and your bridge string spacing, you should find out pretty quickly.

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