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I've been refurbishing the guitars of some of my friends, all kinds. Some people don't know how to maintain, restring, set up (or even play :D ) their guitars and over the years things go from better to bad to worse. I take the guitar for a week and clean it up, fix or replace whatever is broken and generally make them more playable, lots of fret, nut, neck and bridge work involved. I'm doing this mainly for the fun (and more experience), they will shoot me 20 or 30 bucks and replace cost for replacement parts. So far they are happy and that makes me happy. :D

I have one guitar now that has uncertain origins. It is a Lys as in "fleur-de-lys" headstock shape made in LaPatrie or Ottawa, Canada. I've been getting conflicting info on Lys guitars. I've learned that the shop burned down in 1980 and the owner couldn't recoup from his loss and he sold everything to Robert Godin. Another story is that Godin actually had a hand in the guitars' construction, ie. employee or partner, bought out the owner (Claude Boucher or Butcher?) after the fire and proceeded to use the Lys designs for building Seagull, Norman, Simon & Patrick and Art& Luthier guitars.


The guitar is all maple, ie. back, sides and soundboard, L2-12 , large 12 string dreadnought. Mahogany neck with striped wood (dunno, zebrawood ? B) ) headstock cap and heel cap. Its very well made and has stood the test of time. I'm assuming its a rare one and have heard that the construction quality rivalled Martin guitars of the same era. Any more info on Lys guitars and how (or if) they might have been a springboard for Godin would be appreciated.

More pics

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