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Bass Neck Help

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I need to know what the standard nut width + width at 24th fret a standard 5 string bass has (don't have a 5 string handy atm)

Also, has anyone had experience with Hipshot 5 string bridges? (any one know the string spacing? 18mm??)



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1-7/8" nut and 2-1/2" @ the 24th seems to be a common size customers ask for. Unfortunately I don't always know what bridge they might be using, because they usually just give me the string spread. I'd suggest drawing it out full scale to figure out what works for you since the nut width can vary quite a bit. I've done 5 strings where the nut with is between 1-5/8" and 2" depending on customer preference. I tend to like the narrower widths, but that's just me.

Hope this helps.


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Hipshot 5-string bridge stringspread = 3" = 19.05 mm NON ADJUSTABLE.

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actually the hipshot A-style is adjustable, also it comes in different string spacing.

Hipshot style A Bass bridges are available in a wide variety of string spacing; in your choice of aluminum or brass. All style A bass bridges feature top load or thru the body stringing options.Type A saddles feature variable string spacing adjustment for even greater versatility and fine intonation adjustment as well.


I used .750" because the person I'm building for wanted a larger spacing. Also, my design is based upon the Rickenbacker so I used their nut width of 2"

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