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Acquiring Guitar Plans

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Where can I get good guitar plans? I would prefer a website or person able to email me plans for free since i have a fairly limited budget (high school student).

Are there decent free guitar plan resources or do I have to purchase them?

I'm looking at building a tele.



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Sorry to butt in on this thread, but i've been searching the web for months trying to find a template for a les paul. All I keep finding are juniour plans.

Can anyone help me. I have all the wood required. Just need the template.

I have searched through this site and i've noticed that people may have templates/plans.

Would there be a chance that they could come my way.




I dont have measurment either

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I should get a commission because I post this link so often. :D


You certainly should! I bought a set of "Tonemaster" plans after following one of your links last week. The plans came yesterday and they're very nice. They even made a few changes for me for free.

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