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Fretless Bass Question

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Hey guys, I'm new around here. This may seem like a rather simple question, but I've been playing with the idea in my head, and just want to make sure there aren't any better or easier ways of doing this.

So I plan on building my first 6 string fretless bass this summer. Anways I want to have wooden frets inlayed into the neck. So what I was thinking: Slot my ebony fretboard, glue the little bastards into the slots, then trim and radius with the rest of the fretboard at a later time. Good procedure?

I also want to make the bass a string-through body, much like that of a Carl Thompson bass. Anyone know if the bridge wood is anchored or is it a floating bridge?

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Thanks for the reply. I did some more research, the question of the bridge was right under my nose the whole time! When Claypool had the rainbow bass sent back to Carl for some changes they took a photo of the pickup cavity after some modifications, the bridge seems to be held in place by the pressure of the strings only! That, or a very small ammount of glue, which they heat treated to remove the bridge while working on it. Either way, this makes my life a lot easier.

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