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Hi gang, I recently aquired a beautiful supply of tiger stripe maple veneer and would like to apply it to a slab of mahogany prior to cutting out the body. I would appreciate any tips you might give me as far as what type of glue to use, how to clamp it etc. Thanks Bear

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I would use Tite-bond and a vacuum bag clamp or a piece of multi-laminate plywood to place on top of the veneer with wax paper between so if the glue seeps through the veneer it won't bond to the plywood. Then use as many clamps as you can get on it.

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If you have access to a vacuum pump, you could easily glue the veneer to the mahogany slab this way. I would suggest using Titebond original.

If you do not have access to a vacuum pump, you could glue the veneer on but it would take a good few clamps. I would suggest using a piece of MDF or plywood (thicker than 1/2") and use this to clamp against the mahogany and veneer. If you do go this route, use waxpaper beneath the MDF or plywood, or glue will seep through the veneer and glue the MDF of plywood to the veneer. I have gone this route about 5 times now and it works great as long as you plan everything out before you start gluing.

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