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Filling Control And Pickup Route

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hello, this is for my jackson wip... I want to fill the neck pickup route and the pot routes, but i'm afraid it won't look too good. the last time I filled routes, I used those DAP wood putties and they came out pretty crappy. so now i'm confused as to what I should use to fill the routes. I have the option to follow the tutorial at pg website (route out a block of wood and insert another piece of wood in its place) or I can use epoxy or wood filler. what do you guys think? any first hand experiences?

thanks a lot.

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I would recomend the routing out a hole and puting in a piece of wood, if you use Dap or other wood fillers they are going to shrink and look like hell. I've put inlays of contrasting wood in a couple of my guitars and as long as you can cut the plug to fit the hole it looks great .... good luck

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