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How Do I Stip Off Primer?

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i have stripped all the paint off of my ibanez rg and now i have this thick layer of primer i want to do away with. i tried soaking it in BIX paint stripper but it only dissolved small spots...

ive also tried going neanderthal on it and chipping it off with a flathead screwdriver and a block of metal.

ive made some good dents in the wood this way....

any suggestions?

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I can't remember which, but I accidently pulled some primer off of a refinish when wiping it down with acetone or naptha. I was trying to wipe down a poor finish coat of paint before it dried and I accidently pulled out a really small spot of primer with it.

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I forgot to mention that the "peeler" will eat inlay dots. That stuff is amazing. I once stripped a body in a month with the neanderthal method. Seriously, this peeler stuff came off with less than an hour of work. I used a scothbrite pad and a thin scraper and it peeled off like runny gum. Seriously, give this a whirl.

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