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Veneering Guitar Sides

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Don't. Seriously, methinks it's more work than it's worth. Veneering is hard enough on flat surfaces, forget about compound curves and roundovers and belly cuts for a moment.

But what do I know, I don't see the point in veneering guitars with paper-thin veneer anyway.

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You need to use a vacuum press to do it, and a lot of experience under your belt with veneering and using a vacuum press.

Lacking those two items, it is a no-go situation.

Basically, if you had to ask the question, you're not ready to do this type of operation until you have some of both first.

That is your answer, you need to buy a vacuum press, and spend a few months veneering with the press on a few dozen projects before you'd be ready to veneer sides on a guitar.

I have veneered top, bottom, and sides on a V, it came out perfect, but I have many years of toying with veneer behind me.

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