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Shortening The Neck Pocket

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I want to shorten the neck pocket on a Squier to make the access to the higher fets easier.

I guess I am not the first one to ask this question but I couldn't find any info on the subject, so here I go:

Is it OK to shorten the neck pocket?

If yes, what are the limits here?

How short is too short?

I guess this would kill the sustain a bit and the neck would be more unstable?

What about scraping the flat part on the back of the neck (it's a part of the heel actually) that protrudes beyond the neck pocket and making it round as the rest of the neck?

Is it a no-no?

Here's what I want to do:


Anyone done that before?

Is this a bad idea?


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Just...don't. I'd go as far as an Ibanez All Access type neck joint, but no less surface area than that.

OK, i will take your advice and will go for a AANJ but why do you think a shortened neck pocket is a bad idea?

It will make the neck unstable, I guess.

I just wondered if there ar epeople who have done neck pocket shortening before.

Also, if i go for the AANJ, which one would be bether: a genuine Ibanez AANJ or the Ed Roman trademark AANJ?




To be honest, I have an Ibanez and I don't think that the AANJ is helping me at all with high frets access.

1 picture per post - read the rules in the announcements section, and follow them, please.

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I can't really see a difference, as far as fret access goes, between the two guitars. Inside the upper horn (right side) looks like its cut away but thats the wrong side for accessing the frets. You obviously can't move the neck as the scale length is dictated by the bridge position. The only way is to cut the body out inside the lower horn. That will take away the wood that helps to align the lower part of the neck. Not a good idea.

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Will making the neck longer help? Won't it cause even more pressure in the same small heel area because of the lever principle?

Just a guess.

Actually, I am customicing a Squier and making a neck-through is not an option in my case.

I am also considering the idea of building myself a crossbreed between a Randy Rhoads Jackson and an Alexi Laiho ESP using that Squier's neck.

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It's about ratios; making the neck an inch longer increases the length of the whole thing by, what, mabye 4%? Taking and inch off the bolt area is more like a 30-50% cutback.

If you're set on trying, make a mock neck (maple, same length, about the same thickness), bolt it on traiditionally, apply weight, see where it flexes/bends/breaks. Repeat with different screw hole spacing.

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