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Do You Think This Tremolo Will Work?

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My next project is going to be similiar to a Les Paul but lack the curved top because its my first real build and I want to get more used to things before I take that on...I was wondering is would this vibratoLink work on my guitar that is flat instead of curved? This one is a lot more affordable than an actual Bigsby which is a plus...And also I personally like the look of this one better.


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I'm finishing a guitar with this tremolo right now. If I remember correctly the unit should fit a flat top guitar too. You might want to adjust the area close to the strap button/hinge part to get it to lay really flat. Else you will get a slightly “downhill” feeling/look. The adjustment will be a slight recess to accommodate a riser part close to the hinge. You can see it if you look close at the pictures.

I strongly recommend getting the complete package (vibrato + bridge). I have not actually played a real Bigsby but this unit feels/look OK. But the bridge was a really nice surprise. Before actually mounting it I can say that it looks and feel like a really high price unit. And it isn’t! Bridge locking to the studs, locking saddles, extra long adjustability for the saddles are a few things that I notice. It will be really interesting to try it out in a few days.

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