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Coil-splitting Options, Need Help!

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Hi, i need some advice on some pickup wiring. I'm getting a Dimarzio Dsonic for the bridge and an Air Norton for the neck which are 4-conductor pickups. Now, i know there have been other threads about this but i don't know anything about wiring so my friend will do that for me; what i want to know is what parts i will need for coil-splitting the pups. My plan is to have one master volume knob and one tone knob, but i don't know if i should have...

a 3-way pickup selector switch and a separate one for splitting, or

a five-way switch, or

a push/pull knob for splitting,

or something else. I need someone who knows about this to help me out, i'm thinking the first option would be best but then again i don't know anything about this so if you can explain, please do so like you where talking to a 5 year old :D

Hope someone can help me out i would really appreciate it, thanks!

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check dimarzio's website ir do a search on this site.

I have done research on this website and checked on dimarzio, but again when i read the information posted i don't understand much of it and it actually has made me even more confused on what to do, that's why i mentioned before that i don't know anything about this, plus all i need to know is the best or easiest way to do this from the options i posted. Hope you can help.

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