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How To Build Your Own Plane

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Noble guitars, I'd appreciate an explaination as to why you cut and pasted the content of your original post from a copywrited article produced by Lowes, without a link to the original article or creditting the source. This kind of behaviour is not appreciated.

Anyone who wants to see the original article, which also features images of the process, it is available here:


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Well basically because I did not kow it was on the website I got it from a guy on a woodworking forum who claimed he wrote it and I posted it on here because I thought somone might get som use out of it and I didn't credit him because I don't ever recal saying I wrote it and I just put it here for reference as it say on the title besides what woul I have to gain from posting a tutorial as my own nothing.

p.s. think of all the angles before jumping to conclusions and coming off as a bit of an ass.

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