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Alsa Paints

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Chromeboy finishes aside (although they could do that, and such an awesome job at that) I really am starting to love their eclipse paint...


The temperature change is sensative enough that leave your hand on your axe, it would change colour. With their colour concentrates, those sink colourations would be possible, and man, they look sweet!

Anyone ever tried to use their stuff before?

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The House Of Kolor Kosmic Chrome is easy to spray and bit cheaper. I haven't done a whole body with it, yet, but I did use it some.

In an airbrush class the instructor explained that the HOK stuff is cheaper, easier to spray and looks better. He did development work for HOK and Alsa. What I can figure is HOK took more time to bring their product to market to ensure a superior product. No one is inventing the wheel here, grind aluminum but it in a binder.

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The problem is none of it really looks chrome. It looks more like shiney aluminum before it is cleared and then uch of the shine goes away after clear. Better used as an effect than a whole paint job. Alsa has a $7000 chrome system that really does look like chrome though. I use a lot of HOK and Alsa products and they are both good IMO.

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Heh, looks like eclipse paint has found good use on guitars before- and in particular, on James Hetfield's very own axe!

Lime Green eclipse axe

Proof that they can be used, and a demonstration of why I wish I could afford some...

EDIT: Turns out Vai has one done in some kind of copper effect, pictures unavailable through Alsa though- anyone seen or heard of this before?

Celebrity Project page (Vai at bottom)

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