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Router Table?

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Hey guys - just a bit of advice please. I am about to start my first project and was wondering if i could use a router fixed in a router table to cut out the body of the guitar instead of a jigsaw or band saw? Seems like it would offer an easier option with it managing the corners etc.......

Please let me know what you think :D

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some things you should know;

a router bit is not made for removing alot of wood, its more for cleaning up, flushing, and well, routing;

using it for the body IS a good idea, but only after you have roughed out the shape, and you need to take small passes or you will tear-out, having said that if you plan on using it to be exacting in your cuts you will also need a template and a flush bit, which is a router bit with a bearing the same width as the cutter;

in th elong run cutting and sanding is my favorite way to make a body

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