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Ok, I'm An Idiot. Signal Loss At Volume Pot. Why?


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The volume pot is in parallel with your pickup, the total resistance will drop (resistors in parallel law).

Although I would've thought it wouldn't drop by that much. Are you sure you've got the correct value pot in there, and wired up correctly? An undersized pot will cause the reistance to drop that much, and also reduce the available output too.

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The PUs are an EMG SES (passive 'quiet' PU, resistance unknown) and an SD cool rails. The recomended volume pot is 250k which is what's installed.

I've tried two pots, both 250k one cheap one expensive. Same result.

I can't work this out at all.

At the moment the output is far less (with a 10k ish SD PU) than my other guitar which is fitted with 9k ish P90s...


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