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Ssssuper Sussstain

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It will work but it takes more accurate planning and drawing.

Have a look at a yamaha sg2000s for an example. they are neck-through guitars with solid maple tops.

The title of your thread is misleading because , if you read up a bit about guitars, its hard to actually prove that neck-throughs have better sustain than bolt-on necks for example.

A well made guitar will have better sustain than a poorly made one regardless of neck join

Other things are more important in the quest for infinite sustain, the best way to get it is to forget about it, just build a guitar. . . then another . . . then another . . . then another . . . . . . then worry about it - if you are still fooled into thinking its important!

Sustain should be there but rarely needs to be super, tone needs to be super - build for that!

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I find that turning the amp up increases sustain. :D

Yeah, and standing in front of the amp...whait a minute..thats feedback

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