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Adjustable Body Mold


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Just wanted to share an idea for clamping and glueing the sides of an acoustic guitar. There are 46 clamps around the outside of this unit. They can be relocated to fit different sizes of bodies. adjustablemold.jpg

Has anyone else made one similar? Jofes.

Some people use a board with adjustable dowels(vertacle). This allows for adjustment, and still maintains the perpendicular nature of a mold. The only down side is that it is not quite as stable a full mold. Your idea is clever as long as you have a vertacle support to maintain square sides, and allow for enough strength to lock the sides in place(this is best done with form spreaders inside the mold). Personally I prefer to make a mold as I produce my side bender forms at the same time(inner pieces=side forms, outer ring=mold, this is done on my bandsaw).

Keep up the good work!


P.S. I read your side bender topic. I was going to post a message, but had to run(so I will just drop you a line here). Be careful when you set your sides in place(in terms of locating ends). I have always measured from the waist(CL) and locked that section in first to ensure I have the correct placement of my bends. This also allows me to lock in the sides to keep them from wandering. I hope I read your description correctly(I took it that you didn't lock the waist first).

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