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Bass Transformation

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hi everyone,

i might be buying a damaged squier P bass guitar that has had the frets filed down (to make it fretless) and the laquer sanded off the body, so the body is just the natural wood, without any finish on it. It also has some knobs and strap hooks missing. and i might be transforming it into an electric guitar and was wanting some help in direction on picking the correct neck or pickups etc.

by the way if any of you have any damaged elecric or bass guitars i would be happy to take a look at them and maybe buy them so just contact me on toytoyse@yahoo.co.uk

thx Raffi

PS Ive never made a guitar before!

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No offense, but it's obvious that you haven't made a guitar before. Why would you remodel a bass into a regular six string? :D

There is a lot you'd have to do.

New neck, new tuners, new nut, new bridge, new pickups, new wiring, sealing the pocket, alter the scale, too much work for the time. Plus bass bodies by definition are bigger than a regular six string, why would you want that? Just buy or make a body blank and buy one of those ebay necks and get started from the get go on a real authenic guitar.

If you already have acquired that bass, however, I would be happy to take it off your hands though.

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Buy a piece of poplar or basswood or something pretty cheap, and just trace the shape of the P Bass body on it. That way you have a guitar that looks like a P Bass, which is obviously what you want, but you don't have to fool with stripping the old body and filling all the old cavities. Ultimately it would probably be less work and would certainly give you a better result.

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