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How To Get This Type Of Color?

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I'm new to building a guitar, but because I can't find the guitar I really really want, I have to make it.

It's going to be a DT200 Destroyer, with a modification to the lower front horn on the right handed model. And I've just recently seen Jani of Sonata Arctica playing that guitar, with a nice stain job on it. And I'm trying to find out how you would get a stain job like that.


It's really beautiful except for that little notch on the horn which I am removing. I'm just going to try to get an Ibanez neck for it. Since the original is an Ibanez model.

If you can tell me how I would go about getting that nice bright red, I would be much appreciated.

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Hahaha thanks. Was also wondering if the clear coat would darken the color at all, or would I have to get that nice brightness with the stains.

Jani is one of my heros, along with Herman Li and Emppu (I'm a power metal head)

I told myself I'm gonna get a Kelly, and then I was looking around and none of them were what I wanted... And then I saw a DVD of one of Sonata Arctica's concerts and I'm like "That settles it!" Found out what guitar he uses, and said he was custom. All I saw was a natural wood color (Ugly I might add).

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Be sure to pay attention to the thread and or tutorial about mixing stains and clears. I believe it's best to use the opposites together. That would mean water based stain with a oil based clear or vice versa. I could be mistaken so read as much as you can first and pay attention to the guys who have done it before. Also (I haven't gotten through the book yet) but I have a book (forgot who it's by offhand) called "Understanding Wood Finishes (finishing?)". It dispels all the myths about finishing wood.


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