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Stupid Shop Saftey Mistakes Youve Made


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Doing crown moulding;paint grade so shooting tips with 1 1/4 with my paslode.Forget glue and have to run to truck for glue.Workmate is shooting baseboard and puts 2 1/2 in and replaces gun exactly as I left it.Grab corners of miter and pull trigger.No blood until finger is removed from the nail

#2 Talking to the homeowner while drilling handles in his new kitchen.He looks at me and says:you just drilled through your finger didn,t you. Said yes and turned the drill to reverse

I can play wicked Sabbath

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I set up a radial arm saw that I once had to do a bridle joint. I flipped the motor and blade to cut horizontally and had to take the guard off. I had this archaic method of clamping the wood in place and knew it wasn't safe, yet I went with it. Needless to say, I did have a small bit of sense to wear a face guard/ goggles as the ensuing explosion of wood would've made some serious damage.

Another time I was doing a complete brake job on my car (I think I was around 18; a few years ago :D ) They were brake shoes and not pads! Not having the right tools didn't stop me; I pulled out my "everything tool": a cheap pair of channel lock pliers, and pulled on the spring to dislodge it. The crappy pliers lost their grip and I hit myself squarely if the face and drew blood. Still have the small scar! Needless to say, I went out and bought the proper tool.

Then there was the time........


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