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A warning....

In the past, new people have come in here, and asked for necks/bodies to be made because they dont have the time/tools/ability to make their own.

The professional guitar makers, and experienced amatuers, all leave these threads alone, because they understand the difficulty of dealing with those people over a forum/email/etc.

The OTHER newbs/amatuers/woodbutchers see it as an opportunity to PRACTICE on wood that is being paid for by others...

Here is just ONE EXAMPLE of what can happen when you enlist amatuers to do a professional job.

Neck being made for member: GOTH FIEND

The neck NEVER EVER did arrive, but this fraud moved on to the next forum to sell his wares (or lack of actually)...

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oh I understand that of course... but the problem is that he want's a neckthru and he is scared of ruining his fretboard he bought the book Melvyn Hiscock Build your Own guitar but it doesnt show much about neckthru wich is the most important thing in his building since the rest is (fairly) simple.

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Looking around this forum and using the search feature should show you enough examples of neckthru builds being built to show you what needs to be done and what methods are best. I agree with perry though, don't look in forum for builders if you want it built well. Sure, there are some success stories on this board of people coming and asking to have a git built(mini guitar, customer is still happy with the work, btw), but not many. Anyone quoting you a really low price is probably not experienced enough to know what to charge you. Make sure you see previous work of whoever you get to build it.



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I don't see why anybody in the world couldn't get a pre-made neckthrough from someone like Soulmate or Carvin, and produce a decent instrument.

If he's already willing to pay a bit, but isn't afraid of the OTHER parts of the build, he could buy a neckthrough blank, and add his own wings, hardware, etc.

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Maybe your friend could watch or work with you on yours-your build topic. Then he could learn with you as you go before he tries his own.

If he wants just a neck. There are places you can go for just that(as the guys mentioned above). That would be a cheap alternative to having a custom one built. If he wants something more than an "off the rack" pre made neck, and you are looking for a luthier to build a neck to his spec and then finish the guitar himself. It seems to me your investment would be safer if you hire the luthier to do the full guitar(at least that way you will get a finished instrument for the money spent).

If your friend wants a professional. There are a lot of professional builders that could do the job(the internet has made the world a small place), but I personally would recommend looking for a local luthier(and definately look over their previous work and or talk to people they have built for). It will not be as cheap as just buying a factory guitar, but if he wants a custom it will cost.


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