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The Be-all Answer To Enclosed Switches


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If it's anything like Yamaha's selector switches the middle pair of lugs will be the common poles of each half of the switch, and the three lugs either side of the middle pair will be each of the three connections that are made as you move the switch. As for which way around the switch poles operate (left-to-right, right-to-left), I can't help you, but it should be dead easy for you to work out yourself if you measure each pin to each other using an ohmmeter as you move the switch to establish which lugs make contact for each switch position.

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All you need to understand any switch is a multimeter.

1) Put your multimeter on the lowest resistance settings (20ohms?)

2) Put your switch in first position

3) Hold one probe to the first tab and the other in turn to the other.

4) Note with which lugs contact is made in this position. If your read 0 ohms between the lugs, there is contact. If not there is no connection.

5) Do this for all the lugs, then you know how the switch connects.



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