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Three Bolt Neck Issues

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I'm considering buying three bolt original 72 tele thinline seems to have as its only flaw the neck being mounted slightly cockeyed.

The sixth string almost passes over the edge of the neck where the neck joins the body. I'm aware that the neck bolts can be loosened and that the neck can be re cocked. This seems like a temporary solution as the neck will want to settle back into its cockeyed position. Has anyone ever dealt with this?

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If the neck keeps slipping in the neck pocket the screws are not tightened enough, or the wood in the hole are striped so that there are not enough grip. The last problem can easily be fixed in one of two ways

1 drill and refill the holes (do a search, has been covered MANY times)

2. drill out and mount threaded steel inserts and machine bolts (do a search, has also been covered MANY times)

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