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My guitar progress and Abalone inlay


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This is where I`m at so far.The bottom wing is my second one because my jigsaw blade walked too far on me.The neck is angled and I have Five pointed stars for markers under the tape.I still have to drill to inlay the side position markers on the neck.I will be painting this blue.

Question?: Can I also paint black around the edges for a sunburst effect or do I have to use a blue stain first and then paint?

Guitar progress

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Neat, it's a "Landed V". Or, a Flying V that's had it's wings clipped. Looks like a neat little travel guitar to me.

I'd have to guess about the painting, but I would suspect that blue (if it's stain) would have to go on first, then the black paint for the burst effect. If it were me, I'd probably clear coat over the blue stain, then shoot the black burst on. It would add more depth to the paint job.

I'm still working on my bursting skills, so I'm not the best person to answer the question.

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