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Cool Paint Job?

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Well... I know everyone probably has done it before ... but I'd say EVH stripe it. Its what i did with my strat, but then again try something out of the ordinary ... like swirling, looks cool and there was a froum on it with a video link ... looked like he used enamel paint maybe and put it in water then dipped the guitar in (never done it ... but i experimented on a popcicle stick hehe), or you could take then Zakk Wylde targets on his lespaul signature and put them on a strat. Anyways good luck, im eager to see what you do with it.

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:D I've stripped and primed my guitar body (Strat Style), any body have any ideas for a cool paintjob :D

UHHH!!! Any color that suits you? I mean really, your asking a question that is about your guitar, not anyone elses???? You took the time to sand it. So now you have no clue what to do with it, what were you thinking? Let's see!! Follow the masses and you are KEWL!!!! Seriously, think for yourself and find something you want, not what others think.

Then when you decide and are not sure how, then ask a quesions after reading some tutorials and searches on finishing.


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