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i just scored something awesome!

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i went with my woodshop teacher to go pick up some wood this place was donating to us...and we could basically take anything...and im looking around and i find a pile of FLAMED MAPLE STRIPS! high quality flame too...long strips...only problem is there about 2 inch wide strips..so i dunno if i can do a guitar with it...we also scored some wider stock...some that i could bookmatch..but the strips are mine..they have very nice flame...any ideas on what to do with em? thanks guys..cant stop staring at it...

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yea it is a veneer sorry...forgot to mention that...but a headstock would be nice..and binding seems like u wouldnt see the flamed because its not too wide...maybe a flamed racing stripe? or should i even try to bookmatch them all and have a multi piece flame top?

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how about the sides of a guitar, almost like the binding but wide enough were you could see the flame

That's what I was thinking. I've been reading up on arch tops and a figured back and sides is standard. If you wanted the same look on an electric, put the strips on the edge of a slab body and veneer the back.

That could be sweet.

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