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Recipe For Antique White Needed


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I'm still looking. Anyone have a recipe?


I'm looking for a recipe for making antique white using the stew-mac pigments in lacquer. I bought the Stew-Mac finishing book, but it doesn't have a recipe for that or daphne blue either. If you have one, I'd appreciate it.



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You can basically do it two ways:

1 tint a White opaque finish, or

2 spray a lightly tinted clear onto a perfect white

Both methods have their pros and cons. #1 gives you a solid colour that will not change if sanded/buffed to hard and will look more like an aged fender style finish. #2 will give you more control over the “colour changing effect”. The problem is that the colour starts to change as soon as you are sanding/buffing the finish. That can be remedied with a couple of clear layers on top of the tinted ones.

Now to the problem (and probably the reason why no one has responded). Everybody’s perception of ” antique white” will be different. My recipe might not be liked by some other guys. I have got some nice results using method 2. This: http://www.peternaglitschluthier.com/T_see..._white_body.htm were done using a tad of blue (yes blue, and I means really little blue) into the first three clear coats. I discovered it by testing. The result is really hard to predict. I started out adding yellow, but didn’t fancy it. I tried all sorts of combination and found one that worked for me. I think that you have to do the same thing.

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