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Touching The Tone Pot Creates The Same Sound U Get When You Touch The


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Hi all

I am having problems with a guitar im restoring. Im up to the eletcronics.

When I touch the tone pot before putting on the cover i get a noise, kind of like when you touch the end of the jack plug.

What could this be from...????

Apart from that it all seems to work.. fine.

Volume does what its supposed to and the kil switch works and tone works.

If i put a cover over the tone pot it doesn't make a noise cause the plastic is stopping it.

But if I use gold chrome knobs i am assuming the touch will create this noise.

If anyone could give me some ideas as to why this is happening that would be great.. :D


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Something in the same continuous path as the tone pot isn't making it to ground. You need to check and recheck your wiring and make sure everything's going to ground.

If you're already poking around, you might want to consider a star-grounding system. The uber-quick version: anywhere (including the typical bent-back lug on the vol pot) that should go to ground will go to a washer instead, and then the washer will go to ground. There's a touch more to it than that, but not much. If you decide to go with a star-ground, I'd be happy to help you find the resources. The description on Guitarnutz' "Quieting the beast" article should be good info even if the actual pots and switches used are completely different (that info is specific to strat, but you can extract the useful general info).

To me, star ground is the best way for me to not go crazy and wonder if I've created a ground loop... so I usually put one in whenever I update electronics. I've done it even when my guitar had no problems to speak of.


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