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Cheap No7 Planes


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I had a look on "the bay" for jointer planes & found a selection of cheapie's such as: http://search.ebay.co.uk/search/search.dll...ntrypage=search

Anyone got one of these? How do they compare with a Stanley or similar? Are they worth £30 or not?

I'm toying with getting one & will probably go for a secondhand one but if these cheap ones are ok I might just go for one of them as it will not get much heavy use.

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The blades in those aren't particularly cracking, but I picked up the No.5 and after adding a Stanley blade to it (cost a couple of quid on ebay) it's working really well. The sole and sides were flat enough for use, and the rosewood handles and brass fittings were a nice touch too. Although it doesn't feel as rugged as an old Stanley, if you tune it up well it should give you 10 years of use bare minimum.

Don't buy one from ebay though, the exact same ones retailing at £25-35 on there are only £11.91 on Amazon.co.uk:


Also if you're interested I posted a review of the No.5 Jack plane on the UKGB Forum:


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