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Refinishing Over Squire Jagmaster Finish

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I have one of the Japanese made 24" Jagmasters, a really decent guitar for the money and I guess it is finished with the indestructable squire type finish, at least stripper doesn't touch it at all. It is that metallic red color which a lot of people like but I hate it... looking to redo with cream. So, since it will be a solid finsih I thought I'd save some effort and shoot it over the old finish, rough it up appropriately, primer, color, clear. Is there any advantage to using nitro for this, since it is over a (probably) polyurethane finish already? I was thinking I could just use the acrylic color and clear from auto stores... it really doesn't look too bad if you wait a looooong time to rub it out. Any opinions?



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IMHO... Nitro is just a pain and not worth the effort, ever. I would just work out every scratch and mark in the Squier clear.

My process on the could I've worked on recently has been:(all by hand)

150 Grit - rough every thing up really work out any big scratches or dings.

220 Grit - just working through the 150 making sure there are not missed areas, cleaning up any missed marks

400 Grit - Working out a good smooth surface and good mechanical tooth for my paint.

If your rattle caning it.

I would then work with a white or light grey primer to base off. Remember the primer color will effect your base. Read the can and follow it.

Then I would then let it sit and check it for issues, runs, lumps, spits etc. Read the can and follow it.

Then I would do a light coat of cream or 2. Read the can and follow it.

Then use your clear. Let it sit for a week or so then cut, buff and polish.

Your mileage may vary.

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