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Deep Set Neck Tenon Project

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Hi to all,

I'm planning to do a home made guitar, and I would really like to do it with a Deep Set Neck Tenon. I've read a lot of good comments on it and I will give it a try!.

here is the link of some of those pages with good comments about:


I really like the PRS style guitars, and I think that will be my goal at this time.

The first question would be: where can I buy a "Ready to install" fretted Deep Set Neck, just like the strat styles and so many other that you can find in Stewmac.com and Warmooth etc?.

And the second question would be, where can I get some kind of plans of the guitar body, (PRS Style)?

Thanks to all the comments that you could gave me,


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I don't know any place that sells the neck that you want. However, you can buy a Carvin neck through and modify the end to suit your needs.

I built my fourth guitar with a deep set tenon and a bookmatched top and it turned out rather nice. The studs go into the deep set tenon and it has good sustain. Is it better than a regular tenon, bolt on or bolt in? My opinion is that it is just another way to do it. If you go with the Carvin neck through you can add wings and be done or add wings and plane the top so you can add a bookmatched top to it.

Good Luck,


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I don't make a habit of actively promoting my work in the forum here, but I what you seek is exactly what I do. You'll see my web site listed in with the suppliers link from the PG home page. You can get a neck made your way.


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