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Lace Sensor Dually Mods?


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I was checking out Lace Sensors web site. Some of the pickups seem to have unusual rules, such as the Transensor (not intended to be used in tandem with other pickups). I got to wondering.

How can I tell if a humbucker is open to out of phase/ parallel modifications?

The Lace Sensor Dually can be used as humbuckers or split and used individually. Can it also be wired to be out of phase or parallel (to itself, not with other pickups)?

Thanks for any / all help.

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ive always wondered about lace sensors , polarity and RWRP pickups (i dont think there is such a thing) ive got a set of california specials (transensors) which are all identical.

im sure they can be wired out of phase (dont know if you will get a humbucker tone as the polarity maybe wrong) most of the sensors are already "hum cancelling" so its probably just going to be a tonal change if the wiring is altered, the transensors can be used with other transensors just not other pickups.

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