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Zero Frets

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I'm considering trying a zero fret in a future bass build, but have not experience with them at all really. The main reason I want to use one is to even out the tone between open notes and fretted notes. A very simple intention.

A few things have come to mind before I jump in here. Firstly, what kind of pressure should the string have on a zero fret? If the headstock is angled, should the string break over the fret by a few degrees, run over the nut and continue as normal or should it have a slight pressure similar to a fretted note? I can perceive arguments on both sides of the fence, neither of which I can agree more with. Personal preference, or a real difference? I'm wondering how string angle/pressure over a zero fret will affect tonality and also how it will affect string bending (remember....bass build here).

Your opinions and ideas on zero frets are appreciated in advance.

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Same downward forces you want bearing on a nut. No different considerations, really, and you can (if you want to) install a slightly taller zero fret as compared to the rest. The nut behind the zero fret should guide the strings laterally, NOT be the joint where they break.

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