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Rg Project

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Hey guys. My name is Patrick and I live in CO. Im 15 and play guitar. I bought an RG220B off my friend for $75. The paint wasn’t in great condition, it had stickers that wouldn’t come off, the pickups --ed and the trem sure as -- isn’t what I’d like it to be.

http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c358/IbanezJunkie/patrick0 17.jpg

So I got the idea to refinish it. (I had no experience, didn’t know anyone that did, and just went off of information I got off the web) I planned it out without being sure on what my final paint was going to be. So I stripped it down the body and sanded it down to the factory sealer.


I started priming with a wood sealer I bought from Sherwin Williams.


At this point it was around --mas time when I asked for a little bit of cash to get some new pups and electronics. So I went online and ordered some fresh Evos and Dimarzio electronics.

Here in Colorado it is very hard to paint at this time. With it snowing once or twice a week and below 30 for months its pretty much impossible. I finally went to an auto shop and bought some suggested paints from forums. I bought Dupli-Color sandable primer and black high gloss acrylic enamel. I applied the gray primer to the guitar.



After 2 coats of white primer, 3 coats of gray primer, I decided to do the eye popping swirl technique. I decided on doing a couple different shades of blue on a black base coat. So I applied about 5 coats of black. Here is where I am as of now. I am a little confused on what to do. I finished painting my last coat of black and it was glossy but I had imperfections (Due to the lack of experience) So I sanded with 1000grit to fix them although the surface shows all the scratches of the sand paper on the paint. Everywhere I have seen says to sand in between coats but I just don’t understand how I could swirl over a scratched up paint like this.




I suspect it may be the auto paint, which I am unsure if it is sandable. If I don’t sand how do I insure that I get a good paint job to put the swirl on? I am going to Hobby Lobby to try out some model paints on wood for the swirl, I am also not sure where to get the paints suggested on the tutorial on projectguitar.com. Also anyone know anything about rerouting for edge before I finish this job? If there is a way to route this thing for a beast of a trem I would do it for sure.

Any comments, tips, questions, or replies are greatly appreciated!

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Ok so I did some practice swirls and here are the pics. I swirled my skateboard, and a piece of wood. The paints the I used were not suggested by the tutorial on project guitar website but I was extremely happy with the results as I did not use borax, the right paints, or the proper wood prep. AS for the guitar itself, I sanded out the neck joint (I was advised to do so) and took off the manufacturers paint inside the cavity. I tried wet sanding the scratched up surface but no luck. I will add anothe black coat before I try again.







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