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I don't know if this has been discussed before but anywho.

I'm building a guitar. It's maple and I really like the look of the grain. It's all bubbly and stuff. How should I paint it red so you can still see the grain?

Paint is opaque and is not what you would use if you want to see the grain.

What you would want to do is either or dye the maple the color you want then clear coat it, and / or tint the clear with your dye and shade to your desired level of transparency.

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I've changed my mind and want it to be white(no grain). What's a relatively quick and cheap way of doing it? I did a search and read about other white jobs but I'm not exactly sure how it all works. Does it go something like this?

1. lacquer (whatever that is)

2. sand

3. color (white)

4. lacquer

5. sand

Several coats of 1,3,4 of course.

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White primer and then clear? Why put all the extra steps in the way. In the kustom painting classes I've taken they always recomend if your doing grapics on a black, silver or white paint job. Just prime it that color and work off that. Saves mil thickness, cost, and time.

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